SWAT and Other Special Position Evaluations

Some users of the PR public safety assessment system ask about the possibility of more intensive evaluations of candidates for SWAT and other special assignment personnel. There is also interest in evaluation of candidates for higher than entry-level positions.

Our standard evaluation is limited to those aspects which we can readily defend under challenge. The courts have been fairly realistic. They are aware that hiring public safety personnel is a “high stakes game;” hiring bad candidates can produce major disasters. Still, fairness and law require a substantial standard of proof.

Obviously, SWAT and other special assignment, and higher level positions are an even “higher stakes game.” Here the courts are usually willing to permit the psychologist to raise more sublet issues, to consider finer points. It may well be that any normal, competent healthy person who wants to enter law enforcement should be given a chance; however, few people would extend that to mean that any such person should be given a trial on a SWAT team!

Dr. Eber has done research and provided service in law enforcement for over thirty years, and he knows (or perhaps sense) some things which he cannot prove. He knows some signs which may spell (sometimes have spelled) trouble under stress. While ruling out a potential rookie because he or she may have such problems would be unfair – raising that issue when considering a potential SWAT team member of Chief of Police is only good judgment.

We therefore offer, in assessing special candidates, the option of Dr. Eber’s careful review of the data, with additional suggestions for exploration and consideration. Because this process takes time, there is an extra fee of $125.00, and a (maximum) delay in returning the report of three business days. To repeat, this is not for routine use, but only for special situations.

To obtain such expanded evaluation, please submit the usual data, obtained in the usual way, and simply request an Expanded Evaluation. Also submit the reason for the request – i.e., the position for which the person is being evaluated or the unusual/special circumstance. Dr. Eber would be most pleased to have an opportunity to discuss the specifics of any such request with the decision maker involved. Please feel free to call PR and discuss this or other matters.