Should PR Offer Online/Digital Testing?

In recent months, as phones become smarter and tablet computers grow like weeds, some of our clients have asked whether we might offer an “online” version of our public safety candidate assessments. We have been mulling this around over and over again wondering if we should take that step. We are at the point where we need our client’s input.

Because here’s the rub -

  • Scoring will not be instant; it will be another means to send in your answer sheets, only. Your tests will still be scored “in house” at Psychological Resources with all of our security and care. We look over and check each report to make sure that it is accurate before it is released to the department. These reports are personal to us; meaning that if we have questions or concerns about any of the candidates, we still need to contact the department.
  • It will be up to the department to furnish the computer/tablet required to take the test and to provide someone to supervise the applicants during testing.
  • It will be costly in materials and manpower for us to pay for the cost of this operation. It’s imperative that we know tht there is enough interest in online/digital testing that will make this cost effective. In other words, will the benefits outweigh the increased cost?

test1PR is driven to provide the most current and accurate psychological reports to our departments using all of the lastest technology. Please respond back to us and give us your view.

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