Our Staff

Dr. Joseph Hill, Ph.D., Psychologist

Joseph Hill, Ph.D. is Psychological Resources’ psychologist. Dr. Hill was also clinical professor in the Department of Counseling and Psychological Services at Georgia State University. He holds credentials as a licensed psychologist, licensed professional counselor and certified rehabilitation counselor. He completed his master’s degree is in rehabilitation counseling at the University of Georgia and doctoral studies in counseling psychology, where he specialized in neuropsychology and head injury rehabilitation.

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Shelia Morrow, Supervisor Data Processing

Shelia Morrow joined Psychological Resources in 1973. She serves as supervisor for all of our data processing operations, software trainer and maintains the company hardware and software. In this role she processes the psychological reports, maintains the databases and information technology. More than 30 years with the company, she is second only to Dr. Eber in understanding the scoring/reporting software. She graduated from Savannah State University. Shelia has formed strong relationships with customers over the years and is always ready to help in any given situation.

Ashleigh Durr, Business Manager/Accountant

Ashleigh Durr began her career at Psychological Resources in 2003 as an intern, and progressed to Administrative Assistant by 2006. In 2011 her role expanded to Business Manager and bookkeeper because of her positive relationship with clients, extensive knowledge of the business, and expertise of the accounting system. She handles marketing and sales as well, distributing information about Psychological Resources, and building and maintaining a solid partnership with current and potential customers. As a graduate of Georgia State University and a dedicated member of the team, it is safe to say Ashleigh wears many hats in the organization.

Jason Johnson, Operations Manager

Jason Johnson joined Psychological Resources in 2012. Jason started his management career in the legal services industry. With 10+ years of operational and facility management Jason has not only streamlined in-house operations, but has also updated our IT department to better serve our clients.
He makes sure our customers are informed of and satisfied with our services. He will answer any question our clients may have, or direct them to someone who can.

We Cross-Train!

Certainly with a small staff and a large customer base, everyone has to know a little of everything. But we make it a point to know each other’s specialties! Occasionally you will hear “I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait until she’s back,” or “You’ll have to speak with Dr. Hill and he’s not available at the moment,” but rarely. While it’s best to speak with the person who regularly handles something, if they aren’t available, most likely whoever you have on the phone can help. Just one more way we show our Dedication, Knowledge and Passion.