FAQs: Answers

1. What is the turn-around time for reports?

Reports are processed and returned within 24 hours (business days) of receiving the test data. The reports are usually returned the same day that the data is sent to us. However, if the answer sheets are sent in after 3pm (E.S.T.) there is a possibility that the report will be returned the next day. But, it will be within the 24 hours allotted.

2. How much does testing cost?

Please contact PR to get the cost of testing.

3. What if I need something explained on one of the reports?

If there is a question about the test results or language used in the reports, contact PR by phone or email and someone will be more than happy to talk with you. Dr. Hill is usually available to talk with you concerning the reports. There is never a charge to talk with Dr. Hill, no matter how long it takes for you to become comfortable with understanding the reports. That’s usually not a problem because the reports are easy to read and understand.

4. Do you provide support to a department that is taken to court because of the report results?

We stand behind our tests and results and will accompany a department to court if there is ever a reason.

5. Are there any up-front costs associated with testing with your company?

No. Your agency will receive an invoice after testing.

6. What is the cost of testing supplies?

Supplies are free. There is no charge for providing answer sheets or booklets. And, there are no shipping charges applied to the department; unless they are needed overnight. Because they are free, we ask that departments keep at least a 6 month supply on hand for future testing.

7. Can I make copies of the testing answer sheets and booklets?

We ask our departments not to make copies of the answer sheets. The printed answer sheet has bar codes and timing marks on them that are needed when the answer sheets are processed through our scoring software. Copy machines can miss, or skew, those marks and cause the answer sheet not to read. Then, we have to hand-mark the answer sheet which will cause a delay in getting the report out to the department.

8. Do you provide online testing?

We do not provide online testing. We are currently researching the possibility and feasibility of testing online.

9. How are the test administered by our department?

The tests are administered by someone in your department. They are very easy to administer; and, administration instructions are provided with the account start-up package. Replacement instructions are provided to departments by request.

10. How do I order testing supplies?

You can download the supply order form from the website. Fill it out and either fax, email or mail it to PR. Or, you can call the office and request supplies.

11. What happens when I find that I’m out of testing supplies when I’m minutes away from administering a test?

Call PR and answer sheets and booklets can be faxed or emailed to you to be used for that emergency situation. PR will follow up by sending the department new supplies for future use.

12. Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, bills can be paid online at this URL: http://www.psychologicalresources.com/index.php/make-a-payment/

13. Do you supply information for POST Accreditation?

We do provide the information that is needed for POST Accreditation. Call PR and request that information.

14. Do your tests/reports meet ADA requirements?

Yes, we do meet ADA requirements. Click here for more details.

15. Do you provide reports for dispatchers?

Yes, we do provide reports for dispatcher candidates. The test battery is the same. Just let PR know that you want a dispatcher report for the candidate when you send in the answer sheets.

16. Do you provide reports for fire fighters?

Yes, we do provide reports for fire fighter candidates. The test battery is the same. Just let PR know that you want a fire fighter report for the candidate when you send in the answer sheets.

17. Do you provide testing to psychologists?

We do provide testing to psychologists. Contact PR for more information.

18. Do I have to sign a contract in order to do testing with your company?

Once you are a customer with PR, you’re always a customer. An Agreement Form between the department and PR is completed, signed and dated, and, is provided in the start-up package. The agreement simply spells out what PR is going to provide to the department and what we expect from the department. Its purpose is to keep down confusion and embarrassment between PR and our customers. PR is willing to sign agreements that are provided by the legal department of any department.

19. Do you sign IRS W-9 forms?

We do fill out and sign IRS W-9 Forms for your department.