Post Certification

Post requirements vary from state to state, but generally are very similar in their psychological testing requirements. Many specify that either the MMPI of 16PF, or a comparable test, must be used or included in the test battery. The D-160 and D-80 (used in our battery, see What Tests Are Used) are based on the IPIP, a test that collects information on the same personality factors as the 16PF.

A few state POSTs require that psychologists licensed in that state be used in the psychological review process. To accommodate our customers in these states, we have a history of affiliating with psychologists in those states and having them review and sign off (as needed) on the reports. As a side note, some agencies may have an additional requirement of psychological interviews with candidates. While we cannot perform that ourselves, we are happy to work with local (to the agency) psychologists, providing our reports to them for aid with the interview process.

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