Psychological Resources’ testing service can help you identify applicants who, if employed, are likely to bring harm to themselves, their partners, your agency, or the public.

By helping you make better hiring choices we also help you reduce turn-over and build a better department. Even trained professionals can have difficulty gaining insight into an individual’s personality through interviews. This is particularly true when the person interviewed is an applicant for a job.

Research indicates that interviews are not effective for predicting success in public safety work. However, research has shown that valid psychological testing provides a more complete insight.

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The services PR Renders to these agencies are the scoring and interpretation of a comprehensive battery of psychological tests. The interpretation of these tests is provided in three reports. One provides a hiring recommendation based on results of the cognitive and personality tests. The second report is a narrative description of the applicant’s cognitive abilities, personality characteristics, vocational interests, sources of motivation, emotional problems (if any), and suggested leads (if any) for background investigators and interviewers. The third report is a health risk profile detailing the applicant’s ability and manner of dealing with stress, and the likelihood of the development of stress-related disease. The availability of three reports permits confidential, restricted access to detailed information while the suggested hiring decision is available to those who are to use it.

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About Us

Psychological Resources, Inc. (PR) has been performing psychological evaluations in a number of settings since 1970. The major focus of the PR evaluation efforts has been in correctional and public safety settings. In corrections, the firm has assessed well over 200,000 inmates in six states and several county correctional systems. PR has also been engaged in the screening service, along with some through affiliated firms and practitioners. While most of these efforts involve screening police candidates, PR serves a number of agencies in the screening of correctional officers, dispatchers, security guards, park rangers, SWAT teams, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians and related positions.

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